FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Befor asking us by email please have a look at our faq page first.


I can't participate because I'm sick / injured. How do I get my registration fee back?

There are no refunds. Registration fee will not be paid back.

My birthday is after the competition days. Do I have to fight in the upper age class?

Yes. For the age class only the year of birth counts. Month and day of birth are irrelevant.

How many participants are registered in my weight-class?

We do not register weight-classes of the participants, only gender and age classes.
After weigh-in on competition day we know, who is where.

Are arm locks and neck locks / chokes allowed in U12 / U15?

In age class U12 arm locks (kansetsu waza) and neck locks / chokes (shime waza) are generally forbidden.
In age class U15 neck locks / chokes (shime waza) are forbidden. Arm locks (kansetsu waza) are allowed in ne-waza only.